Seeing Straight: Tool Co. That Pulled Job Offer Over Possible Visual Impairment Settles ADA Suit

C & A Tool Engineering made a costly mistake when it withdrew a job offer to a qualified machinist allegedly based on preconceived notion that he had a visual impairment.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced today that the company, based in Churubusco, Indiana, agreed to pay $35,000 to settle the agency’s Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuit against it.

According to the EEOC’s lawsuit, a job applicant, an experienced and qualified machinist, applied and interviewed for a machinist position. Upon completion of the interview C&A Tool made a job offer conditioned on his passing a physical examination. C&A Tool withdrew the job offer because the exam report referenced a possible vision impairment related to a congenital eye condition. During litigation, the parties’ expert ophthalmologists agreed the applicant had normal vision.

“This settlement demonstrates that all employers, even those who are the main employer in a small town, must abide by federal anti-discrimination law,” said Kenneth L. Bird, regional attorney of the EEOC’s Indianapolis District Office. “The ADA ensures that employment decisions are made on an individual basis, not on preconceived beliefs about a medical condition. It is not only the law; it is common sense.


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