$175K Payment to Scorned Job Applicant Ends ADA Suit Against Washington’s Metro System

What with all its other woes–lack of support from surrounding jurisdictions, continuing safety issues, inconsistent service, declines in ridership–the last thing that Washington, D.C.’s subway system needed was a costly lawsuit.

So the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) did the smart thing and is settling an Americans With Disabilities Act lawsuit filed by the U.S. Justice Department on behalf of a Maryland man who alleged that his job offer with the agency was rescinded when it learned he had epilepsy.

According to court documents, the applicant, Bennie Vaughan, received a job offer for the position of elevator/escalator parts supervisor in My 2013, but it was withdrawn a month later.

To make the lawsuit go away, Metro will pay $175,000 to settle. WMATA also will institute new policies to ensure that employees and job applicants with disabilities have the opportunity to confer with WMATA about their limitations as well as opportunities for reasonable accommodation in the workplace, and will also ensure that supervisors are fully trained in those policies.

Here’s DOJ’s March 1 announcement of the settlement.


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