EEOC Recovers $300K for Female Manager Denied Promotion and Then Fired From Job

It’s going to cost Nestlé Waters North America a bundle of money to put behind it a sex discrimination lawsuit the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed on behalf of a female manager who was denied a promotion.

$300,000 to be exact. That’s the price that the EEOC exacted from the Stamford, Conn.-based division of Nestlé Waters, the world’s largest bottled water company, to get out of this Title VII lawsuit filed on behalf of Dawn Bowers-Ferrara.

According to the EEOC, Bowers-Ferrara, a 20-year Nestlé veteran finance and budgeting manager, to the position of Florida Zone business manager because of her gender.

Instead, the EEOC said, Nestlé selected a male employee for the newly created position, even though he failed to meet the minimum requirements for the role according to Nestlé’s own job description. Nestlé then terminated Bowers-Ferrara’s employment because of a “consolidation.” Out of 14 Florida zone managers and zone manager supervisors, Bowers-Ferrara was the only female (and the only person) who lost her job as a result of the “consolidation.”

Read more about the settlement here.


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