$325K Payment Brings to Close National Origin, Race Bias Case Against Manufacturer in Illinois

Ouch. It’s going to cost an employer $325,000 to get out from under a lawsuit alleging national and race discrimination against a black employee of Puerto Rican origin.

That’s the price that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that Decatur, Illinois based King-Lar has agreed to pay to settle the commission’s Title VII lawsuit against it.

In its lawsuit, the EEOC accused King-Lar, which provides custom sheet metal and HVAC work, of allowing its white employees to verbally harass and threaten a black employee of Puerto Rican origin, which ultimately led to a brutal physical assault. The national origin and color harassment allegedly included slurs such as “s..c,” “n….r,” “Mexican n—-r,” and “wetback.” The EEOC also claimed that King-Lar management, including one of its owners, knew about the discrimination and failed to act to stop it.

Aside from the monetary relief, the settlement calls for the company to establish a system where employees can complain anonymously online or to a 1-800 number; train its employees on harassment and discrimination; and make clear that King-Lar will take allegations of discrimination seriously.

For more background on the lawsuit, click here.


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