Phoenix Restaurant Rife With Harassment, Ageism Against Women, Alleges the EEOC

Families in Arizona shouldn’t let their wives, sisters or daughters work at Phoenix restaurant Mariscos Altata. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the business is a hotbed of mistreatment of women.

The commission charged in a lawsuit filed last week that the female employees of Mariscos Altata were subjected to unwanted touching, grabbing, fondling, sexual comments, requests for sex and other unlawful conduct since at least February 2011.

According to the EEOC, one female was subjected to harassment based on her age, including comments that she was a “worthless old lady” and coworkers taking bets on her age. The lawsuit further alleges that Mariscos Altata fired the women when they refused to comply with the sexual demands they endured.

“Employees must be able to go to work in an environment where they are not constantly subjected to abusive behavior,” said EEOC Phoenix District Office Regional Attorney Mary Jo O’Neill. “The agency takes this behavior extremely seriously, and is taking steps to make sure that employers know that restaurants need to be a safe place for women to work.”

Read more about this lawsuit filed on March 30.


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