Bank of American Settlement With DOL Closes Books on Quarter-Century Old Race Bias Case

It took almost a quarter century, but Bank of America has settled a legacy race bias case that the U.S. Labor Department filed against its predecessor NationsBank.

The U.S. Labor Department on Monday announced that Charlotte-based BOA has agreed to pay $1 million in back wages and interest to 1,027 applicants for North Carolina clerical, teller and administrative positions a generation ago.

The U.S. Labor Department alleged that NationsBank systematically discriminated against black applicants for entry-level jobs. The jobs were for North Carolina clerical, teller and administrative positions.

NationsBank merged with the Bank of America, N.A. in 1998.

African-American job seekers who applied for an entry-level position at NationsBank’s Charlotte facility in 1993 and were not hired are invited to visit the DOL’s website at, where they can also find information about this and other recent OFCCP settlements, or call 855-216-0427.

The banks are subject to nondiscrimination requirements enforced by DOL because they handle federally-insured deposits.

For more on the settlement, click here.


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