DOL Recovers $3K for Fired Service Member

The U.S. Department of Justice came to the rescue of a member of the Air National Guard who was denied reemployment in her civilian job following her tour of duty.

Staff Sgt. Anber Ishmael’s military service was a motivating factor in BioFusion’s decisions to deny her request for remployment and to terminate her employment, the DOJ alleged.

Those actions were violations of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, the DOJ charged. That law safeguards the rights of uniformed servicemembers to return to their civilian employment following absences due to military service obligations and protects servicemembers from discrimination on the basis of their military obligations.

DOJ said that the company agreed to pay $3,000 in backpay to settle the matter.

The DOJ’s announcement of the settlement was silent on whether Ishmael will get her job back.

“The United States has a solemn obligation to ensure that those selfless Americans who serve in the nation’s Armed Forces enjoy every opportunity to advance their civilian careers,” said Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio.  “The Department of Justice will be unwavering in protecting the rights of our nation’s service members and we will continue to hold accountable employers who violate those rights.”


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