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OFCCP Recovers $1.8M From Contractor that Steered Women Into Light-Duty Laborer Jobs

Private sector employers can learn what not to do in their hiring practices rom companies that have federal contracts. In this case it’s not to steer women into lower-paying jobs while reserving the better paying jobs for men.

That’s what federal contractor G&K Services Inc. did, the U.S. Department of Labor charged, announcing it has recovered $1.8 million for 444 female employees in laborer positions. According to the DOL’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, which enforces the rules for nondiscrimination in federal contracts, the company disproportionately assigned the women to lower paying job duties while filling the higher paying job duties predominantly with men, even though female employees were qualified for and able to perform the higher paying jobs.

This unlawful steering of women into the lower paying “light duty” jobs led to unlawful sex-based pay discrimination at G&K facilities in Denver; Sacramento, California; Graham and Charlotte, North Carolina; Pleasant Hill, Iowa; Justice, Illinois; St. Paul, Minnesota; and Houston and Coppell, Texas. This practice also resulted in a lower hiring rate for 2,327 male applicants who were equally or more qualified for general laborer positions at the Sacramento, Pleasant Hill, Justice, St. Paul and Coppell locations, the OFCCP found.

OFCCP also found that G&K failed to provide equal opportunity to 456 African American and 111 Caucasian applicants at its Houston and Charlotte locations when hiring for general laborer positions.

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