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Labor Secretary, Franken Agree on Skills Gap

Perhaps amid the din of conflict in Washington, D.C., there is at least agreement on the need to better match skills to the jobs that need filling.

Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and Senator Al Franken (D-Minn) are singing from the same song sheet.

On Twitter yesterday, this tweet from Acosta: Despite low unemployment, there are currently 6M open jobs. Demand-driven training is key to closing the

Acosta referenced a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study showing employers struggling to find qualified candidates for open jobs.

Right below is this treet from Franken:┬áTraveling around MN, I’ve seen ground-breaking partnerships between schools & businesses that work to address , & they work well.

I’d say they are onto something. And it’s a conversation that HR and top company movers and shakers should be having also.

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