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Black Pilots Charge Promotion Discrimination at United Airlines

Airline mergers are often messy affairs, leaving legal proceedings in their wake. So this week comes the news that about two dozen African American pilots are suing United Continental Holdings, parent company of United Airlines, charging they were passed over for promotion because of their race.

In their suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, the veteran aviators alleged a long history of  discriminatory behavior across multiple states.
“The struggle for inclusion at United Airlines is a  long-standing issue that many have tried to address over a long  period of time,” Captain Leon Miller, a plaintiff, said in a  statement.

Most of those involved in the suit worked for pre-merger  United. The complaint specifically addresses promotion issues  dating to 2009.

Additionally, nearly half of the plaintiffs were part of a  2010 federal equal employment racial discrimination case against  United, and are claiming the carrier has punished them by  withholding promotions and special assignments.

United said in a statement that it does not tolerate  harassment or discrimination.

Female Prison Worker Awarded $48,600 Back Pay by Pa. Human Resources Commission

A victory for the little guy. Or in this case gal. The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission recently ordered Philadelphia’s prison system to pay a female employee more than $48,600 in back pay plus interest for the sex discrimination she suffered.

Jill Toomer’s complaint against the prison system alleged that she was denied a promotion based on her sex and race. Renee Johnson, also of Philadelphia, filed a similar complaint around the same time.

Investigations found probable cause to support both women’s claims. After the parties failed to settle, the city agreed to have both complaints considered in one public hearing.

Ultimately, the commission dismissed Johnson’s complaint and held the prison system liable for sex discrimination in failing to promote Toomer. Race discrimination against Toomer was not established.

The commission ordered the prison system to cease discriminating against employees based on their sex and to provide non-discrimination training for its staff.

The city has 30 days to report to the PHRC on how it will comply.